Severe Weather in Melbourne FL

Preparing for Severe Weather

If you live in Florida, then your chance of experiencing severe weather is not only high, but likely to be a reoccurring concern.  Thunderstorms, Heavy rain, flooding, Tropical Storms, Hurricanes; these are all factors that seem to coincide with life in the southern portion of the United States, especially in Florida, and in particular, along the Sunshine State’s eastern coast.  Brevard County, specifically, has seen severe weather patterns come and go over the years, and with a heavy surplus of lakes, rivers, the Indian River Lagoon, as well as the Atlantic Ocean resting just to the east, it is easy to see why.  Flood, Water, and Wind Damage; these are three of the most common types of damages caused by severe weather, and if you’re lucky, they will be minor or moderate damages rather than catastrophic.  This is why taking the proper steps and securing your home and property ahead of Florida’s stormy season can not only help to ease the potential damages of a renegade storm or hurricane but can sometimes (in rare instances) prevent said damages altogether.

Impact Glass or Shutters?

As we all know, there is no 100% surefire way to eliminate these potential catastrophes entirely, but doing what you can, especially regarding your home, makes you all the more proactive in catastrophic avoidance.  But, what can one do to their homes in an effort to secure it from potentially forthcoming weather ailments?  The proper roof?  Of course.  Adequate drainage?  Yes!  Doors that can withstand high winds?  Absolutely.  But, what about your windows?  Imagine one of them breaking in the midst of a giant storm.  What would you do?  You really have two options: Impact Glass… or Storm Shutters!  Impact glass is surely a newer, more modern approach, that provides a nearly equal level of protection.  However, impact glass is still extremely expensive, especially compared to the going prices of shutters.  Shutters, whether they be Hurricane, Storm, Roll Up, Bahama, Accordion, or other, have a longstanding reputation of protecting your windows and home from the monstrous nature of severe weather conditions.

What Kind of Shutters does my Home Need?

With such a diverse array of shutter styles and types, this question can quickly become overbearing to someone attempting to sift through the available options.  It typically boils down to two things: the types of windows being fitted, and your own personal taste.  Let’s take a look at some of the options Brevard Shutters offers:

Roll Up Shutters

Are you looking for something a bit more elegant than the usual?  Roll Up Shutters have the benefit of being able to be controlled both electrically OR manually; if you lose power in the storm, you can easily crank the shutters back up.  Contained in compact housing above their respective windows, these rolling shutters virtually disappear when not in use.  Roll up shutters are great for windows of many different sizes.

Bahama Shutters

Bahama Shutters are year-round, permanent fixtures on your windows.  Although they are slatted metal frames that permanently adorn your windows, they remain raised at an angle throughout the year, providing your home with privacy and shade while still giving your family the ability to see out of said windows; you only need to close them for an incoming storm.

Accordion Shutters

This type of shutter was developed to keep your windows from shattering during severe storms.  A benefit of Accordion shutters is that they can be lowered quickly and require very little maintenance.  Should a severe thunderstorm develop from seemingly nowhere, or a big storm off the coast decides to change its course, it is very easy to, with a moment’s notice, put these shutters to work; a tried and true type of storm shutter.

Colonial Shutters

Are you looking for something that has more of a classical aesthetic, but still comes equipped with all the necessary severe storm protections as other shutter types?  If so, Colonial Shutters might be the best option for you.  What’s even better about Colonial Shutters?  They can be made to fit almost any sized window on your home!

What about Hurricane Panels and Armor Screen?

There are a couple alternatives to Shutters; Panels and or Armor Screen.

Clear Panels

Clear Panels provide similar protection to your home, albeit not as sound as actual shutters.  Panels must be screwed in or locked into place along a metal fixture that permanently resides around your windows; these are great alternatives for those not wishing to have year-round shutters installed on their homes.

Armor Screen

Armor Screen are window coverings that protect homes and businesses from flying debris.  They are especially suitable for large spaces such as lanais, porches, and balconies, and can withstand wind gusts of up to 276 miles per hour.  Screens are another great alternative to those not wishing to install shutters or panels on their home.

Make the Choice that’s Right for YOU and your Home

At Brevard Shutters, we pride ourselves with providing the community with premium quality work, affordable prices, and fantastic communication.  We will do everything within our power to help you understand the differences between the many varying types and styles of shutters, paneling, and screens. And will always strive to assist you in making the best choice for your home, with the safety of you and your family being our #1 priority.

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