How to Prepare Your Pets for a Hurricane

A hurricane can be a frightening experience to live through. Staying calm while preparing your home for a hurricane will also keep your pets in a calm state of mind during the transition. Remember to take care of the most important things first and then go from there. Keep in mind that you could be without power for days. Find time to plan ahead for the needs of your family and four-legged friends.

Here are some tips to prepare your pets before the storm hits:


Gather your pet supplies together such as toys, water and food bowls, food, leashes, cages, treats, and anything else that your pet might need during the hurricane. If you’re evacuating make a pile of everything in your house to help you remember everything, as it is a stressful time. Another option is finding a pet shelter for your pet if you can’t find a place that is pet-friendly. Search for local animal medical centers that offer pet boarding during big storms.

Make a kit

Put together a pet emergency kit. Inside you can include enough water to last 3-4 days, food that is easy to travel with (a can-opener if you need it), litter and a litterbox, puppy pads, dog plastic bags, any medicine or medical records, and waterproof containers. Bring a picture of your pet with you in case they get loose during the storm. Keep a collar with a pet tag and phone number on your pet at all times during the storm. This will make it easier to locate them if they get lost.

Stick to your plan

Once you make a plan stick to it. This will help alleviate any tension and stress you’re going through while preparing everyone in your house for the hurricane. Making last minute, irrational decisions could potentially put you and your family in grave danger. Don’t wait until the last moment to evacuate if you made plans to do so. Follow through with your plan and drive safely.


If your pets have anxiety during big storms or while traveling think about using a natural solution such as an anxiety jacket or natural pet remedies to help ease their stress. Pets have anxiety and fear just like humans do.

Make sure in all of the commotion that you protect your windows with storm shutters in Melbourne, Florida. At Brevard Shutters, we can help you prepare your home and make it a stress-free process. Remember to take care of your pets and pack them their favorite toy.

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