How the Stress of Hurricanes Brings People Together

Hurricane stress bringing people together

When disastrous events take place all around the world it reminds us that we can lean on our friends and family during hardships. Even though hurricanes bring insurmountable amounts of stress it also gently nudges us to come together. Think about 9/11 and how people put aside their differences on the street, their race, their class and those imaginary lines dissolved. Compassion and support was extended to each other in gentleness during this tragic time.

Police, Fire Fighters and EMS

During times of distress, police officers and law enforcement take control of crowds, watch for looting, help maintain safe traffic, perform search and rescue, and they are the main source of communication between government agencies. In training, law enforcement officers are required to undergo special training for different disasters.

Fire fighters help control any fires, help provide medical care, assist in search and rescue, transport injured people to the hospital and deal with hazardous materials. They also coordinate with government agencies during hurricanes.

Emergency medical services (EMS) are dedicated to providing hospital and medical care during natural disasters. Emergency situations give EMS challenges during large-scale events. Hurricanes can create an imbalance of supplies available and the number of people working in hospitals may not be enough depending on the severity of the event. Emergency medical services generally have less than 1 hour of training with chemical agents and explosives, but this doesn’t stop them from helping. EMS also transport victims to shelters and hospitals.

Other Emergency Agencies

After things have started to get under control from the helpful law enforcement, fire fighters and EMS, then these agencies will coordinate with the National Guard, Coast Guard, FEMA and the Red Cross for more assistance. All these serve important roles during disastrous times and provide relief wherever they are needed.

Natural disasters may bring people together more because the average citizen is brought out of their daily routines somehow finding connections with strangers. Hurricanes show us that connection is possible and we can come together when nature has a bigger plan.

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