Why Some People Don’t Evacuate During a Hurricane

When there is a hurricane warning, officials warn residents who are located in the path of the hurricane to evacuate while they still have a chance to safely relocate. There will always be some people who refuse to leave their homes while others don’t have much of a choice and they stay because of financial, medical, or transportation issues.

Last minute airplane tickets become highly expensive because the airlines increase the rates and you can never be too sure where the hurricane is going to land. In some cases, you could evacuate further inland to stay with a friend and the hurricane could end up being more dangerous there. During hurricane evacuations, there can be gas shortages and heat strokes. It is unfortunate, but people become stressed out during these traumatic times and fights are more likely to break out over who gets the last loaf of bread in the store.

So, why do some people stay? According to Pacific Standard, here are some reasons why people stayed behind during Hurricane Katrina:

  • 14% were physically disabled
  • 25% suffered from a chronic disease
  • 23% had a disabled family member they cared for
  • 55% didn’t have means of transportation
  • 57% were financially unable
  • 68% didn’t have savings in the bank or a credit card
  • 76% had children under the age of 18 in a shelter

During Hurricane Irma, residents of Florida were asked to evacuate because the storm posed a severe threat to many lives. However, it is difficult for people with disabilities to evacuate from their homes. Even if they have family or friends willing to take care of them and assist them during this time it still provides a difficult task to get out of their homes.

If someone has a chronic disease this can hinder everyday life and make normal everyday tasks seem insurmountable. It may be easier to stay in the comforts of their own home during a hurricane.

If people do not have the financial means to evacuate, they often choose to withstand the storm. It is expensive to stay in a hotel for a few days until the storm passes. Some people have a fear of their home being damaged by the hurricane and they think if they are home they can catch the leaks with buckets. Others fear their home could get looted and they chose to stay in their home because of this.

Without having a vehicle or a friend to help you evacuate from your home you don’t have many other options. You can look into taking a bus somewhere closer inland to be safe, but that all depends on how much money you are willing to spend.

Whether you decide to evacuate or not during a hurricane make sure your home is protected with Bahama Shutters in Palm Bay, Florida. For a free consultation at Brevard Shutter please give us a call today at (321) 409-9091.

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