What to Avoid When Choosing Hurricane Shutters

When making any big purchase for your home, you want to make the best decision possible. Nobody goes into a home improvement project hoping that something goes wrong!  Because we specialize in hurricane shutters, we thought we might be able to give you a little helpful advice on what to avoid when choosing the hurricane shutters for your home.


There are a variety of shutter types to choose from, and which one you choose is entirely up to you.  None of them will be wrong choices in that they will all protect your windows and your home during a hurricane.  However, certain shutters may be better for you specifically.


Consider How They Deploy

You should avoid shutters that require too much hand manipulation, such as a hand crank if you have any kind of issues with your hands like carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis.  Deploying your hurricane shutters should be a relatively fast and easy process for you.  The goal is to protect your windows, your home, and your family (including yourself).  We don’t want you out in inclement weather for hours because your hands are in pain and not cooperating with you.  If this is your situation, then please consider a type of hurricane window protection like Lexan clear hurricane panels, which are installed over your windows and do not have to be deployed, as they remain there year-round.


If you do not have the time, energy, or physical capability to do routine maintenance on your hurricane shutters, then you should choose the lowest maintenance window protection available and avoid those shutters that have moving parts which must be “greased” and checked annually.  Again, in this particular case, Lexan clear hurricane panels may be the best option for you.


Determine Your Aesthetic Goals

If you don’t want to change the appearance of your home, then avoid decorative hurricane shutters such as Bahama shutters and colonial shutters. Some people love the look these add to their homes, but if that is not your desire, then choose something like roll-up shutters or Armor Screen.


Research Local Hurricane Shutter Companies

We urge you to avoid hiring a company that does not have a well-established reputation.  While some new companies may be great, it is better to wait until they have established a good reputation with good reviews or to choose an already established company.  Always look at the Better Business Bureau website when hiring a company to do any major project on your home, including your hurricane shutters.  Make sure they have an A rating.  Additionally, you can look online at reviews.  If your neighbor has hurricane shutters, ask who installed them and if they were pleased with the company.


Taking all the above into consideration, we hope you will call us at Brevard Shutter.  We are located in Melbourne, FL and serve our surrounding communities such as Merritt Island and Palm Bay, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We have an onsite showroom, so you can look at and deploy the different varieties of shutters before purchasing.  Our experienced staff will help you avoid the above-mentioned mistakes and make the choice that is best for you!  Please give us a call today.

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