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Roll-Up Shutters May Be the Answer for You

Home improvement projects come in many shapes and sizes. Some are easy decisions, such as buying a new area rug or replacing a worn-out microwave. Others are big-ticket items that require careful thought and price comparisons. For instance, roll-up shutters are valuable to home improvement!  

Hurricane Shutter System Considerations

You will need to consider what it is you need out of your shutter system, who will be deploying it, and the cost. For instance, if you want to see out your windows during a storm, you will need to check into clear Lexan panels, as opposed to accordion shutters. You will want a system that is easy to deploy and requires minimal effort if you are elderly, suffer from arthritis, or have another health condition. On a tight budget, you will want a shutter system on the lower end of the price chart, such as accordion shutters.

Top-of-the-Line Roll-Up Shutters 

Are you looking for shutters that are easy to deploy and look unobtrusive? How about shutters that provide UV protection, noise reduction, and hurricane protection? We have the answer for you! Our top-of-the-line roll-up shutters provide heat transfer reduction helping to maintain the temperature of your home. And like all hurricane shutter systems, they add a measure of home security when deployed.

We offer a variety of roll-up shutters. The Nautilus is our best-seller because it requires little maintenance and is hand-operated with no worry of a motor dying on you right when you need them the most!

Brevard Shutter Offers the Nautilus Roll-Up Shutter System

Brevard Shutter wants everyone who calls or walks into our showroom to feel that we have something for them – their needs, their price point, and the look they want. Located in Melbourne, Florida, we provide quality shutters to our surrounding neighbors! 

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