Maintaining Your Hurricane Shutters

If you already have hurricane shutters on your home, you may be wondering how best to maintain them.  Or, maybe you don’t have hurricane shutters and are interested in having them installed, but are wondering if they are difficult to maintain.  Hopefully, we can clear up your questions in this blog!


Hurricane shutters are an excellent source of protection during hurricane season.  They help keep flying debris out of your home as it is prevented from flying through your windows!  You and your family will be safe inside and the debris will remain outside where it belongs.  You want your hurricane shutters to continue doing their job for years to come, keeping you and your family safe.  So, what kind of maintenance do hurricane shutters need?


Accordion Shutters

If you have accordion shutters, you should lubricate the tracks and screws twice a year with a silicone lubricant.  You definitely need to keep the track clean and free of debris.  Also, wash down your shutters in both the open and closed positions with warm, soapy water.  This is especially important here in Florida with the high salt content in the air due to our proximity to the ocean.  You want to avoid corrosion as much as possible.


Bahama Shutters

If you have Bahama shutters, you will also want to make sure the screws and any moving metal parts are lubricated with a silicone lubricant at least twice a year.  They should also be washed to avoid corrosion and to maintain the aesthetic look they add to your house.  Dirty shutters aren’t pretty!


Roll-Up Shutters

If you have roll-up shutters, as with the other shutter types, wash them with warm, soapy water and dry them.  Lubricate all moving parts with silicone lubricant.


As an overview, wash and dry your hurricane shutters to keep them looking nice and help prevent corrosion from the high salt content in the air.  This can be done monthly.  Twice a year, for this aspect of the maintenance, is not enough.  Twice a year, all screws and moving parts should be lubricated with a silicone lubricant to ensure smooth, easy deployment.  For shutters with any type of track, make sure those tracks are clean and free of debris.  They can be cleaned out with soapy water and a scrubbing brush.  Do not use harsh chemicals on your shutters or their parts.  Do not use high-pressure sprayers to wash them.  They can chip paint or wear away important caulking.


Maintaining your hurricane shutters is essential.  You want them to deploy smoothly, quickly, and easily when the time comes.  You don’t want to be doing routine maintenance prior to deployment when a hurricane is on its way.


For all your hurricane shutter needs, call us at Brevard Shutter!  We offer every type of shutter you can think of and probably some you don’t even know about like Armor Screen which is one of the newest hurricane protection systems on the market.  Stop by our showroom in Melbourne, FL or give us a call today.  If you’re in Melbourne, Palm Bay, or anywhere in Brevard County, we look forward to installing your new hurricane shutter system!

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