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Now that it is hurricane season, you are probably hearing about a lot of different ways to protect your home, property, and belongings. It is written about in the newspapers and talked about on the news. Even a drive through town is a reminder of the damages caused by hurricanes. Our beachside towns such as Satellite Beach and Melbourne Beach are still showing signs from the last hurricanes. Gas stations are still missing their awnings. Businesses still have broken signs. Many homes are just now having their roofs and fences replaced. It is a long process. Sometimes it is due to financial reasons and people have to save up money to make the necessary repairs. Sometimes it is simply that the repair businesses are really backlogged due to the influx of business because of the hurricane, causing people to be on waiting lists for months.

They say that “history repeats itself.” One thing we can be sure of is that we will see another hurricane, but we can try to have less damage the next time one hits our area. We can also learn from other places that are hit by hurricanes. Many third world countries don’t even know what hurricane shutters are and even if they do know they may not have access to them. We can’t get our product everywhere and we definitely don’t have a large enough workforce to extend out to other countries. We are still very busy just in our own Melbourne, FL area.

Seeing the damages sustained in these other places is heartbreaking. Water damage, mildew, and destruction are rampant. Many homes become uninhabitable. Because of the climate in areas where hurricanes occur, there is usually high humidity which makes it very difficult to dry out the homes where moisture is invading. They often do not have the large industrial fans needed to dry out their living spaces. Quite simply, though other governments often step in to help during natural disasters, there is often just not enough resources to help everyone before too much damage has occurred to their homes.

Although we can’t go everywhere and help everyone, we do take pride in what we can offer our local community. It would be great if we could put hurricane shutters on every home in every country affected by hurricanes. Sadly, we can not make that happen. But, we can come to YOUR home, give you an estimate, and provide you with quality materials to increase the safety of your home before the next hurricane strikes.

If you don’t yet have a hurricane shutter system in place, now is the time. With such a wide variety of shutter systems, we are sure we can meet your needs. You can visit our showroom to see the different systems we offer and ask us questions to help you make the right choice. Today is the day! Call Brevard Shutter for all your hurricane shutter needs. Let us help ensure your safety before the next hurricane comes.

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