Keeping The Critters Out!

Hurricane shutters come in a variety of types now, from accordion shutters to colonial shutters to actual hurricane fabrics like Armor Screen.  They all protect your home from the damage that can occur from broken windows due to high winds and flying debris during hurricanes.  There is another purpose that these window coverings serve that many of you may not have thought about yet.  They keep out critters – creepy crawly ones, flying ones, and furry ones!

A Broken Window Means Easy Entry

Critters?  You might be a little confused right now, but that’s what we said.  When we think of hurricanes we think of rain, wind, flooding, and flying debris.  But, amidst all the weather chaos outside are the creatures that live there full-time.  Animals have great instincts and know how to seek shelter during inclement weather.  They are experts at survival.  If your Palm Bay home does not have hurricane shutters protecting the windows, you may very well experience one or more broken windows during a hurricane.  A broken window is the same as a wide-open front door to a small critter.


Squirrels and Gators and Insects – Oh My!

Whether it’s during the height of the storm or the days following, little animals ranging from insects and lizards to squirrels and possums may be seeking shelter.  While we all want them to be safe, the last place you want them finding that shelter is inside of your home!  You might be thinking that if you don’t leave during the storm, you can board up the window quickly and all will be well.  But even if you are home, it only takes a minute for a little creature to make its way inside a gaping hole.  They are resourceful and QUICK!


Keeping Critters from Entering During a Hurricane

There is enough to deal with during a hurricane.  You should be focusing on the safety of your family and home.  You don’t want to be chasing a frenzied squirrel through the house or a Jurassic looking group of lizards as they run frantically across your floor!  The only sure way to keep nature’s creatures out in nature where they belong is by having your windows properly secured with hurricane shutters.


At Brevard Shutter, hurricane shutters are our business!  We offer a variety of options to fit the varying needs of our clients.  We have an on-site showroom at our Melbourne, FL location.  Here you can look at the variety of shutters, get hands-on experience using them to discover how easy they are to deploy and ask any questions you might have of our on-site professionals.  Wouldn’t you rather call us than an exterminator?  We think so!  So, please do.  Call us today or drop by for a visit and check out all that we have to offer.  We proudly service Melbourne, Palm Bay, and the surrounding areas.

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