Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

How to Choose Which Hurricane Shutters are Right for You

Anytime you make an investment that improves your home, you want to make sure it is not just a solid investment but also something that you will enjoy while you live in the house.  If you are in your “forever home,” then the choices are a little easier because you may not feel the need to take resale value or other people’s tastes into consideration.  If you plan on selling your home someday, then any improvements you make should be made with future buyers in mind.  For example, you may love the color orange.  You may think that tangerine walls are a splendid idea.  Let’s think about this for a moment from the perspective of a buyer…


One couple that bought a home in Indialantic recently went into the process with an open mind.  Not everyone is capable of doing this.  As the couple walked through the three bedrooms, two bathroom home, they saw that it had an amazing kitchen and lovely backyard.  They also saw that every room in the house was painted a different shade of orange, including the bathrooms…EVERY ROOM!  If you love orange walls, then, by all means, paint your home tangerine, apricot, and coral.  But, not everyone likes orange. So, paint the walls a neutral color prior to listing the house on the market.


Some decisions are longer lasting. Paint is easily changed.  Hurricane shutters are more costly than paint.  Hurricane shutters, in general, are an excellent investment.  Any potential buyer will view them as a plus when purchasing a home.  Because of this, you are basically at liberty to choose the type of hurricane shutters that you want, knowing the next people will be grateful to have found a home that already has them.


So, what should you consider when purchasing your hurricane shutters?  Of course, the price point is often the number one issue. This will help determine the shutters that are available to you.  Beyond that, you will need to decide a few things prior to making your decision:

Things to consider about hurricane shutters

  • Do you want to have shutters that remain up (or “deployed”) at all times? If so, then you may want to consider Bahama shutters or colonial shutters.
  • Do you care if they add to the aesthetics of your home? In other words, do they improve your home’s appearance (or curb appeal)? If this interests you, then we would again recommend Bahama shutters or colonial shutters.
  • Do you want shutters that are only “out” when needed? You will want to consider accordion shutters or roll up shutters.
  • Are you looking for shutters that allow light into your home during a storm? If this is your main concern, then you might want to consider clear Lexan panels or Armor Screen.
  • You will also want to decide how easy you need the shutter deployment to be. For example, if you have arthritis, you will not want shutters that require a hand crank. You may prefer the clear Lexan panels which stay on your windows year-round and require no deployment.


At Brevard Shutters, we sell all the above hurricane shutters and more!  We have an on-site showroom in Melbourne, FL where you can not only look at the storm shutters we offer but also deploy them to decide which style you prefer.  We will answer your questions and help guide you to the shutters that are right for you and your needs.  We serve our surrounding communities such as Merritt Island, Viera, Palm Bay, and the beachside towns.  Please give us a call or stop by our showroom today!

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