Hurricane Season

Are You Ready for 33 in ’21? Protect Yourself With Hurricane Shutters

Thirty-three… that is the alarming number of named storms the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and other sources combined are predicting for the June 1 to November 30, 2021 hurricane season.

Ever Wondered How Hurricanes Are Named?

Established in 1953, tropical cyclones with winds exceeding 39 miles per hour are given a name beginning with the letter ‘A’ and so on.  As we experienced in 2020, an extreme 30+ storm season, when all names are exhausted, any additional storms exceeding 39 miles per hour will be named with Greek letters (alpha, gamma, iota, etc.).  The names are repeated every six years, thus the 2021 season names were already used in 2015 and will again be used 2027 unless the NHC has retired a name on the list. Just some fun facts about hurricane naming….

You Know What Is Not Fun? Being Ill-Prepared for Another 30+ Named Storm Season

Brevard Shutters & Accessories, Inc., serving families and companies from Brevard County to Port Saint Lucie County, is your premier partner in protecting what is most important to you:  your family, home, and business.  Due to Covid-19, you are probably spending more time at home – your safe place — with your family.  As your home protects you, you need to protect it.

You can always take the DIY approach of applying and removing plywood on vulnerable windows and doors up to 10, 20, or 30 times during the six-month season.  Or, you could be “one and done” with permanent hurricane shutters designed, fabricated, and installed by our experts.  At Brevard Shutters & Accessories, Inc., we offer modern, dependable, and cost-effective hurricane shutters protection in a variety of styles personalized for your home or business.

2021 Is Predicted to Rival the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season

  • A record 30 named storms formed in 2020′s six-month storm season
  • Tropical systems formed faster, and grew stronger, like never before
  • For the first time, five named storms developed in the Atlantic at the same time
  • The US was hit by 12 named storms, the most in 104 years
  • At one point, four hurricanes took aim at the Sunshine State
  • 2020 was the most active and the fifth costliest Atlantic hurricane season on record

Last year, Mother Nature’s target was most often the Gulf Coast states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. So, perhaps some might say we were “lucky” that not one of those named hurricanes made a direct hit in Florida.  But, several tropical storms did make landfall in the Sunshine State in 2020 causing 400 deaths and $40 billion in damage and economic disruption.  Throughout the history of our nation, no other state has seen more hurricane landfalls than Florida.

“Luck” Is Not a Short- or Long-Term Hurricane Plan for Your Family’s Home or Business.

So, before Ana, Bill, Claudette all the way through Victor and Wanda, (and the subsequent Greek letter named storms) come by for a not-so-friendly visit, call or visit Brevard Shutters & Accessories, Inc. for a free home or business protection consultation.  Our knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate team are in the business of preparing and protecting what is most important to you.

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