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Roll-Up Shutters – On Sale Now!

If you have been in the market for hurricane shutters, now is the time!  We always encourage our customers to schedule their hurricane shutter installation before the hurricane season.  During the season, we tend to be more heavily scheduled causing longer wait times for our customers.  Hurricane season begins in June, so now is the time to give us a call.  You may have wondered if we are still open for business during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We want to assure all our past, present, and future customers that we are pleased to be open and are ready to serve your hurricane shutter needs.


We Offer a Variety of Hurricane Shutters

If you are unsure about what type of hurricane shutters to purchase, we invite you to stop by our on-site showroom in Melbourne where you can check out our wide variety of shutters for yourself.  You can also converse with our knowledgeable staff to have any questions answered.


Roll-Up Shutters Deploy in Minutes

While we offer a wide variety of shutters at varying price points, this month we are highlighting our roll-up shutters because not only are they our top of the line shutters, but they are on sale this month!  Our roll-up shutters are some of our easiest to deploy.  Depending on the type of roll-up shutters you purchase, their deployment time varies from only 20 seconds to a mere 20 minutes!  This means that if you choose to head out of town and want to deploy your hurricane shutters as an extra security measure, you can do so in a matter of minutes!


Benefits of Roll-Up Shutters

These roll-up shutters offer a wide variety of benefits including UV protection for the interior of your home, peace of mind when you are out of town, and outstanding protection during tropical storms and hurricanes.  Not all roll-up shutters are the same, so you get to choose the style and slat design that you prefer.


We are particularly proud to offer the Nautilus roll up shutter which is an elite, top of the line shutter offering the smallest box in the industry for a sleeker, minimalistic look.  This shutter is also the strongest in comparison to other shutters of the same size and is the easiest to operate.


Another selling point of this shutter is that it doesn’t require any motors or cranks.  They are simply hand operated.  This means that there is not a mechanism that could break down or need maintenance.


So, now is the time and the roll-up shutter is the sale…we hope you will stop by to see us at Brevard Shutter.  Although we are located in Melbourne, we proudly serve all our surrounding communities, such as Cocoa, Merritt Island, Sebastian, Vero Beach, and Palm Bay with our storm shutters.  Our showroom is open Monday through Friday 8 am – 4 pm.  During this strenuous time as the pandemic is hopefully coming to an end soon, we wish you safety and good health!

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