Lower Prices Mean It’s the Right Time for Shutters!

People often wonder when the best time to buy hurricane shutters is – is it before hurricane season starts or right after it ends?  It seems that there are prime times to buy most things now.  For instance, airlines say that the best day of the week to purchase airline tickets is Tuesday in order to get the best price.  There are certain things in each industry that determine the best time to buy.


We often encourage our customers to purchase hurricane shutters prior to hurricane season.  There are two main reasons for this.  The first reason is that you want your hurricane shutters in place and ready to use should a tropical storm or hurricane make an appearance.  The second reason is that we are often very busy during hurricane season because once a storm hits, people realize their need for hurricane shutters and begin booking appointments.  Well, here we are in the midst of hurricane season, but we are still encouraging you to purchase your shutters and have them installed.  Why?


Hurricane Shutter Prices Are LOW

We have two excellent reasons for telling you to call us even though it is now hurricane season.  The first reason is that we have not yet been hit by a storm, so we will probably be able to attend to your needs in a fairly timely fashion.  The second reason is that our shutters are at their BEST PRICE!


Get “As Is” Shutters for Below Wholesale Prices

Something our company does every year that you may not be aware of is offering hurricane shutters that are in “As Is” condition at below wholesale prices!  You might be thinking that you don’t want dented or scratched hurricane shutters.  Let us put your mind at ease.  We are not going to install defective shutters that don’t do their job.  And, your shutters will likely get dented or scratched once a storm hits anyways!  Wouldn’t you rather pay below wholesale prices than regular retail prices?


So, tell your family members and friends that now is the time to purchase your hurricane shutters from Brevard Shutters in Melbourne, FL.  We have an onsite warehouse that we would love for you to come and visit.  We offer a wide variety of shutters, so even if none of our “as is” models appeal to you, we think you will still be able to find something you like within your budget.


Brevard Shutters proudly serves all our surrounding communities such as Cocoa, Palm Bay, Merritt Island, and Satellite Beach.  We offer hurricane panels, hurricane fabric, colonial shutters, Bahama shutters, and more.  If cost has been holding you back from ordering your hurricane shutters, then now is the time!  Take advantage of our “As Is” hurricane shutters at below wholesale prices today!

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