Coping with Hurricane Stress: Part 2

Hurricane stress can cause disruptions to family and work lives. Police, fire fighters, EMS, utility, transportation and street maintenance workers experience long and stressful hours in difficult working conditions during hurricanes and natural disasters. Eating healthy foods, getting a good night’s sleep and proper exercise can help restore our natural biological and psychological condition. Creating a balanced environment will help normalize the feelings of being burnt out when dealing with the aftermath of a notorious Florida storm.

These are only some of the stressful challenges faced during hurricanes. Remember it’s quite normal to be feeling strong emotions of distress. You are not alone. Here are some helpful coping mechanisms to get you back to a wonderful, balanced equilibrium.

Turn off the news

While the news can be helpful during these times, it can also add to your stress. Take a break from the news and hurricane footage by doing something that makes you happy. This will pull you right back into the present moment instead of worrying about the past or the future.


Recording your thoughts on a piece of paper is known to help increase and strengthen immune cells. Writing about stressful events that you cannot control reduces the force of stressors that affect your physical health. Write about your emotions and feelings without any judgment.


Exercising your body provides mental health benefits, reduces fatigue, and improves alertness and concentration. Stress can cause mental exhaustion and drain your energy. Physical activity helps rebalance your well-being and is the perfect stress reliever. Exercise takes your mind off of stressful events by concentrating on your body’s movements and pumping your endorphins.

Create a routine

Taking time to map out a routine for your well-being will help counteract the stress. You can get up earlier than your family and set aside some personal time before the day starts. Put it on your calendar or in your planner if you need to. Stay diligent and give yourself the freedom to take care of yourself first so that you can then help care for your family’s wellbeing throughout the day.

Hurricane shutters provide fantastic protection against hurricane force winds. If you’re in Palm Bay, Melbourne, or anywhere in Brevard County, keep yourself and your family safe and come visit Brevard Shutters & Accessories today! We’ll help you find the shutters that suit all your desires and give you one less reason to stress during hurricane season!

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