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3 Tips For Preparing For Hurricane Season In Florida

Here in Brevard County, Florida, one of the most important things you can do is prepare for hurricane season by installing the best hurricane shutters available. There are 3 tips for preparing successfully for hurricane season here in a fast and easy manner. When followed properly you will be able to rest easy knowing that your property is safe from the worst weather Florida can throw at it.

When preparing for hurricane season here in Florida there are 3 tips that you should follow to ensure that you are ready to go. First, make sure you have the best hurricane shutters installed to protect your property from high winds and debris. Second, keep at least 2-3 weeks of essentials stocked just for hurricanes. Third, draw up an action plan to keep you and your family well prepared for when the power goes out.

Having lived in Brevard County for most of our lives we have seen countless hurricanes come through and destroy our neighbor’s property. Brevard Shutters & Accessories only recommends and installs the best shutters that we use ourselves to protect our property. If you are in the market for new hurricane shutters that are easy to install and operate while giving you the best protection then reach out to us for a no-obligation discussion.

Let’s jump right into the 3 tips for preparing for Hurricane season here in Florida.

First Make Sure You Have The Best Hurricane Shutters Installed To Protect Your Property From High Winds and Debris

Here is one of the best secrets to preparing for hurricane season in Brevard Country, Florida. Make sure you install the most up-to-date hurricane shutters.

Many homeowners in Brevard make the mistake of thinking that the shutters they bought 10 years ago are fine today. The old hurricane shutters were made to only offer minimal protection and are a huge pain to set up properly. Often when we drive around we see homeowners putting up their old metal shutters often struggling to raise the heavy metal above their heads.

Not only are these shutters cumbersome but they offer minimal protection in bad category 4 and 5 storms. We have seen these metal shutters get ripped off houses by the wind alone during these storms. Fortunately, here at Brevard Shutters & Accessories, we offer a wide variety of shutters that are designed to protect your home from the worst that Florida’s nature can throw at it.

Our hurricane shutters are installed so that they are easy to deploy and offer the best protection. You will be able to rest easy knowing that even during the worst Brevard storm your home will be protected.

Second, Make Sure To Keep At Least 2-3 Weeks of Essentials Stocked Just For Hurricanes

It is not a secret, that hurricanes can knock out power for over a week to homes in Florida. This can cause considerable problems if you and your family are caught unprepared. Often the easiest way to prepare for these service outages is to keep around 2-3 weeks of essentials stocked up.

In our homes, we often have a ‘storm-bag’ that consists of everything you will need to survive in your home for about 3 weeks. This includes canned food, portable gas stoves, water, and toiletries. Trust us you want to get this bag together before the storm comes as most people wait until the last minute to start buying the goods and products they need.

This creates a massive jam of people in local stores all buying out products en-mass. If you wait until the last moment to start building up your essentials there is a significant chance that you’re not going to be able to buy what you need. This can put you or your family at risk during power outages.

As such, it is better to prepare this ‘storm bag’ ahead of time. This will save you considerable time and stress when preparing for the next hurricane.

Draw Up An Action Plan For You And Your Family For When The Power Goes Out

A little preparation goes a long way when preparing for Florida hurricanes. One of the best things you can do is to write up an action plan for you and your family to follow when the power goes out.

Often people start to panic once power in their home goes out during a hurricane. If you have a plan in place then there will be nothing to worry about. In your action plan, you should detail friends’ and family’s homes in case you need somewhere to go and where to find light sources such as flashlights or candles in the home.

In this action plan make sure you outline emergency radio stations to listen to and where the local hurricane shelter is. A little preparation can save you hundreds of hours of time when it comes to an action plan. This is why we often encourage our clients to build one out when they get their home’s shutters serviced by us.


Making sure you are prepared for hurricane season here in Brevard County is well worth it. Often a couple of hours of preparation per year could save you hundreds in last-minute actions.

One of the best things you can do to prepare your property for the upcoming hurricanes is to make sure you have the latest shutters installed on your home. Here at Brevard Shutters & Accessories we only install the most cost-effective and best shutters on our clients and our own homes. If you are unsure if your home needs new shutters then reach out to us; we will give you an honest answer as to what you need.

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