Hurricane Preparation

Hurricane season is edging closer and closer. It begins on June 1 and goes through November 30. This is just a reference time for when most hurricanes occur. Hurricanes have also materialized outside of this time frame. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, also known as the NOAA, has a Disaster Response Center (DRC) that hosts training drills and workshops to help communities better prepare themselves for hurricanes. They help coordinate an organized and effective response rate in preparation for such emergencies.

On top of this, the Center for Operational Oceanic Products and Services watches the water levels, movement of currents, and gathers weather observations to better help collect data and hypothesize when to prepare for a hurricane. This collection of information on frequent water level updates is also useful for a long-term compilation of information on coastal areas.


After a hurricane hits land the Office of Coast Survey gets to work by providing emergency services to any areas where the hurricane caused damage. Response teams rush in to help people who have been injured. This is when data is collected for nautical charts. These teams also help re-open ports and waterways as quickly and safely as they can. Their mission is to help get a natural flow back into everyone’s daily lives.

Damages are assessed with surveys performed by the National Geodetic Survey during any natural disasters. This help to better provide emergency services through rescue efforts by assessing before and after data from previous storms. After a hurricane, pollutions to the shoreline and coastal areas are assessed through the Office of Response and Restoration. Hurricanes can cause enormous amounts of damage to the coasts and leave debris across the shorelines. Before and after pictures are taken to assess the ecological impacts along the coasts.


The Office for Coastal Management, local communities, and organizations all gather together to implement strategies to help coordinate with the federal government in recovery plans.

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