Bahamas Shutters VS Colonial Shutters

What is the Difference Between Bahama Shutters and Colonial Shutters? 

August 31 marks the halfway point for the 2021 hurricane season beginning June 1 and ending November 30.  If you’ve lived in Florida for a few weeks or a few decades, you know the greatest tool to prevent hurricane damage to your home or business is a quality storm or hurricane shutter.  Yet, they also offer much more than storm protection.  Bahama shutters and Colonial shutters are two of the most popular options available today.  Each provides multiple benefits including time savings.  

What are the Benefits of Bahama Shutters?

Bahama shutters, as the name implies, is from the North Atlantic island chain where Bahamians primarily use these shutters to secure homes and businesses from routine to extreme weather events.  The top-hinged design of Bahama shutters, sometimes called Bermuda shutters, allows you to push the shutter out from the bottom letting natural light enter through the windows. Or, when needed for protection from projectile debris or wind, and water intrusion, they can be pulled in to rest flush against the dwelling creating a secure protective barrier.

Protection and Convenience:

Both tasks of pulling in (closing) and pushing out (opening) the shutters are simple, rapid actions, as Bahama shutters remain affixed to the structure all the time.  If you are the one charged with helping the in-laws, grandparents, or neighbors in preparation for the storm, encourage them as well to consider the convenience of Bahama shutters.  Many people do not like to ask for help, but if helping them can be done with ease, they are more likely to seek assistance, and you can take solace in knowing you helped with their safety.  Bahama shutters are quickly deployed (about 40 minutes for an average-size home) as dangerous weather approaches.  As quickly, they can be propped open providing light and air circulation as the storm has headed on and your electricity remains off.

Additionally, Bahama shutter customers have reported added privacy, the feeling of security during non-weather-related situations, lower outside noise, and affordability as unanticipated welcomed benefits.


Bahama shutters are generally made of vinyl, composite material, wood, fiberglass, or aluminum.  Each has advantages so it is ideal to contact a local hurricane shutter company that offers an on-site showroom to personally transform your vision, to your reality.  Aluminum is generally strong, yet light in weight, and relatively cheaper.  Wood can do the job of protection but requires more maintenance, while composite materials are more durable and come in a variety of colors to choose from.


The Bahama shutter is one of the most aesthetically pleasing, customizable shutters on the market today. With its Caribbean style it can complement and even perfect the look of any downtown, rural, or coastal home or business with voluminous options of colors to fit your property.  You can also set the angle opening of the shutters to accommodate the look you prefer over your windows.

Cost Savings:

Providing shade over your windows when the Florida sun is beating down year-round allows for a significant reduction of heat inside a dwelling or building outfitted with Bahama shutters.  Imagine if your lower monthly electric bill overtime could cover the cost of professionally installed hurricane shutters.  Conserving energy is important, for certain; avoiding preventable out of pocket costs or sky-high insurance deductibles due to water intrusion, wind damage, property destruction, and the repair / rebuild hassle, might be even more important.  Saving money is always something business and homeowners alike can agree upon.

Peace of Mind:

 It is a subtle truth that many of us Floridians on the East Coast might have become a bit complacent about hurricanes.  Some feel most recently the worst storms have set their sights on the Gulf Coast not the Atlantic.  But remember, it only takes one to generate long-lasting damage to lives and property.  And, if you’re away on a business trip or your area is heavily lined with trees and your home or business is a bit older in age, envision the peace of mind you’ll have when your family can simply close the Bahama shutters by themselves as a tornado or hurricane is bearing down.

Experts tasked with determining the disastrous effects of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 concluded, “Bahama shutters act as a highly functional and a robust window covering option in the Southeastern American hurricane belt.”

What are the Benefits of Colonial Shutters?

Similar to the Bahama shutter, Colonial shutters affix to the outside of the house, but the hinges are on the outside, not the top. As Colonial shutters are closed tightly from the sides, they protect your windows by creating a nearly impossible barrier to penetrate.

Protection and Aesthetics:

Many say Colonial shutters actually make the property’s exterior a little more stylish while providing ample storm protection.  Our experts at Brevard Shutters in Melbourne, FL suggest this is because, “The plantation style shutter comes in two forms. The decorative form is designed to enhance the beauty of the home. The other form is the high impact Colonial which also gives you that enhanced look and provides protection from wind-born objects.”

Colonial shutters are also comprised of louvered planks or slats and frame the window very similar to classically designed shutters. Yet, they provide far more storm-ready durability for your windows.  And when fully opened, your view is unobstructed.  Remember, the Bahama shutter props open on an angle somewhat blocking the view even on great weather days.


Colonial shutters are also made from similar materials to Bahama shutters– fiberglass, wood, composite materials, aluminum, and others, providing like results to those listed above.  Also, like Bahama shutters, Colonial shutters are available in abundant color choices to match and blend the theme and style of your home or office building.

Security and Convenience: 

Colonial shutters provide security for your home while you are away, giving you that added peace of mind that your belongings and property are safe while you are afar.  These shutters also offer the ability to assist others in need with ease and in a quick fashion to secure their windows when facing a storm. Another convenience of Colonial shutters is they are a solid choice for closing off large-sized panel windows for a variety of building designs.  A quality storm shutter installation company will customize the size and shape of your windows for the exact specifications and measurements necessary to best protect and preserve your property investment.

Colonial shutters can be deployed in about 45 minutes for an average-size home.

Find Your Hurricane Shutter Solution – Bahama Shutters or Colonial Shutter – at Brevard Shutters in Melbourne

If you are seeking storm shutters for hurricane protection and the added benefits of privacy, convenience, reduced utility bills, and UV protection, both Bahama shutters and Colonial shutters will serve your needs very well.  Contact the storm solution experts at Brevard Shutters in Melbourne, and serving all of Brevard, Indian River, and St. Lucie counties, for a free in-home estimate.  Time is of the essence as the peak hurricane season has already arrived.  You can also visit the Brevard Shutters onsite showroom to customize perfectly protective and aesthetically pleasing Bahama shutters or Colonial shutters for your home or business.

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