The Best Hurricane Shutters In Palm Bay

Let’s face it; living in Brevard County, Florida is paradise except for when a hurricane hits. For most homeowners in Brevard, a hurricane presents a scary moment where most people scramble to shutter up their windows in preparation. However, now that you found us here at Brevard Shutters you no longer have to worry about not being prepared for the storms as we specialize in hurricane shutters for homes across Brevard.

Generally speaking, when you are selecting hurricane shutters to install here in Brevard County there are 2 things that you should look out for. First, make sure that the dimensions of your windows line up with the shutters you plan on installing. Second, make a choice between powered and unpowered shutters.

Here at Brevard Shutters and Accessories, we pride ourselves on providing our neighbors here in Brevard County with the absolute best in the industry hurricane protection for their homes or businesses. If you are on the fence about if one of these shutters is the right choice for your home then simply reach out to us by clicking here and we will give you an honest answer.

Make Sure You Measure Your Windows Before Buying Your Shutters

It might surprise you to learn that not all shutters are created to the same shape and dimension. In fact, a majority of our shutters are built to fit an individual client’s home’s windows. This is why we always suggest that people should measure the dimensions of their windows before buying shutters; that or have us come out and do it.

In Florida, hurricane season is a very real threat to homes and businesses. One way to protect against the potential damage from hurricanes is to install hurricane shutters on windows. However, not all windows are the same size, and it’s important to measure your windows before purchasing shutters. Failing to measure your windows accurately can lead to costly mistakes such as purchasing the wrong size shutters, needing to return them, or even having to purchase new shutters altogether.

Measuring your windows before purchasing hurricane shutters is a good idea for several reasons. First, it ensures that you purchase shutters that fit properly and provide the necessary protection during a hurricane. Shutters that are too small or too large may not cover the entire window or may not be able to withstand the force of the wind and debris. Second, measuring your windows helps you determine the amount of shutter material you will need, which can impact the overall cost of the project. By accurately measuring, you can avoid overbuying or underbuying materials, which can lead to unnecessary expenses. Finally, measuring your windows ahead of time allows you to make any necessary adjustments or repairs to the window frames before installation, which can also impact the effectiveness of the shutters.

Because of this, it pays to measure before you buy your shutters. If you end up installing the shutters on your own then you can really end up in a bind when the shutters don’t fit snugly against the perimeter of your window or line up in the tract. This is one of the main reasons why people across Brevard reach out to us to handle the entire process for them; we are professionals who will make sure that your shutters are installed and ready to go for the upcoming hurricane season.

Choosing Between Powered and Unpowered Shutters for Your Home or Business

Another major choice that people around Brevard County, Florida have to make when picking out their shutters is to select either powered or unpowered ones. Both have their pros and cons.

When it comes to choosing hurricane shutters for your home or business, there are two main types to consider: powered and unpowered. Both types have their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately the decision will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Powered hurricane shutters, also known as motorized shutters, are operated using an electric motor. This means that they can be easily opened and closed with the push of a button or remote control, which can be particularly useful for people with mobility issues or for larger homes or businesses with many windows. Additionally, powered shutters can be programmed to automatically close when a storm is approaching, providing an extra layer of protection even if you are not there to manually close them. However, the cost of powered shutters is typically higher than unpowered shutters, and they may require maintenance and repair of the motor and electrical components.

On the other hand, unpowered hurricane shutters, also known as manual shutters, are operated manually, either by turning a hand crank or sliding them into place. While this means that they require more effort to operate, they are generally less expensive than powered shutters and do not require any electricity or maintenance. Additionally, some people prefer the aesthetic of manual shutters, as they can be designed to match the style of the home or business. However, manual shutters can be time-consuming to install and remove, which can be a significant inconvenience during hurricane season.

Because of this we often have to help guide our fellow Floridians on what choice is the right one for their shutters. It really comes down to the size of the window or door that you have to cover. Large businesses or homes might find it hard to install and use manual shutters as the shutter itself will be massive to cover the large surface area. In this case, powered shutters would be ideal but require additional upkeep to ensure that the shutters can be deployed at the right time.

On the other hand for small homes and businesses powered shutters might be a bit too much and not worth the maintenance hassle. Because of this manual shutters with easy roll-up and down options would be the ideal choice that we would recommend.

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