Forget Spring Cleaning – Let’s Do Spring Sprucing!

With the arrival of spring here on Florida’s east coast comes many things. We enjoy temperatures in the 70s and 80s throughout the day. All our green foliage starts sprouting whatever pretty flowers accompany them. Our trees produce yummy fruit. From the Sebastian and Port St. Lucie area all the way up through Melbourne and Cocoa Beach, we get to enjoy the fresh smells and vibrant colors of spring in Florida!

What often accompanies spring? Spring cleaning! Eewww, you might be thinking. I don’t want to talk about all my spring cleaning projects. Well, don’t fear! We aren’t going to talk about that right now. Today we are discussing ways to spruce up your house in the spring. So, we are talking about spring sprucing, not spring cleaning!

Here at Brevard Shutters and Accessories, we want to help you with at least one of your spring sprucing projects. No, we don’t offer to come help plant your new hibiscus bushes! But, we can definitely help brighten up the exterior of your home in another way. We offer beautiful Bahama Shutters to enhance the beauty of your home. You may have seen them in other homes or even businesses. If you have ever visited the Florida Keys or the Bahamas, you are likely to have seen them covering the windows of homes there. They are often painted fun, bright, beachy colors. One of the bonuses of living in Florida is that we do get to play with bright colors on the exterior of our homes and nobody thinks we are crazy! Some like to use the yellows and oranges of the sunsets or the blues and purples of the ocean. Whatever your color choice, our Bahama Shutters will really spruce up your home.

We have been in business for over seven years now and have obtained an excellent reputation during that time. We plan to only build on that reputation leaving a trail of satisfied, happy customers in our wake. We do this by using superb products such as stainless steel fasteners and sealing our products to prevent water penetration. Using such protective measures is important in Florida with our sun and humidity.

Our Bahama Shutters provide more than just a nice-looking addition to the outside of your home. They provide hurricane protection for your windows and home. An average home can deploy all their Bahama Shutters in approximately forty minutes to brace for any impending tropical storms or hurricanes. They have excellent benefits year-round, not just during hurricane season. Besides looking nice, they also provide privacy and reduce heat transfer bringing down the cost of your utility bill.

At Brevard Shutters and Accessories we offer free estimates. We would love to help keep your home safer during hurricane season, as well as provide you with the additional benefits of privacy and reduced heat in your home. Give us a call today and let us be a part of your 2018 spring sprucing!

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