Protect Your Home with Armor Screens

Setting up for a hurricane can be a hassle for you and your entire family. Preparation is time-consuming and stressful. With Armor screens, you won’t have to worry about carrying around large and heavy pieces of plywood to cover your windows. These screens are lightweight and designed to give you strong protection for any opening on your home.

What are Armor Screens?

Armor screens are easy to install and store in your home because they’re made from a transparent fabric that allows visibility. Don’t be fooled by the transparency, because armor screens make for strong barriers when dealing with high winds and rain. They are popular because they have flexible fabric and are easily adaptable for any size window or opening that needs protection. Armor screens are extremely durable and have been designed to withstand winds of 276 miles per hour, and can even survive a missile impact!


Another positive benefit of owning Armor screens is that you can see through them. This is wonderful because it allows light to filter in and you won’t be sitting in complete darkness inside of your home during a hurricane. Plywood can make you feel trapped inside of your home, blocks out all light, and it is strenuous to move.


Because of its lightweight capabilities, Armor screens are simpler and faster to set up; even one person can handle it. When preparing for a storm, you have to acquire supplies such as food, water, batteries, flashlights and other essentials. Putting up shutters can be time-consuming and energy draining, but with Armor screens, you won’t have to worry about this. It’s been known to take about an hour to set up these screens around a single family home by just one person. This takes away a lot of unwanted stress on families when preparing for a big storm. With Armor screens, your muscles will thank you later.


Most hurricane shutters require maintenance, but Armor screens do not. They are installed in a short amount of time and after they are installed you don’t have to worry about damage happening to your property. Your home is protected.

Keep your home protected against heavy storms and hurricanes with Armor screening. We offer Armor screens in Melbourne, Florida and a wide variety of other products. Choose the hurricane protection that is right for you at Brevard Shutters today.

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