Armor Screen: Hurricane-Proof Fabric For Your Melbourne Home

When people think of ways to protect their property from hurricanes in Melbourne, Florida they often think about shutters. However, there is one other option that few people know about; hurricane-proof fabric called Armor Screen.

Armor Screen is a product that uses a flexible mesh fabric that is overlayed into several layers. The fabric itself is nearly indestructible and has been tested to withstand category 5 hurricanes. The best thing about Armor Screen is that it is easily installed and can be custom-made to your designs.

People around Melbourne, Florida are getting ahead of the hurricane season. Installing hurricane shutters ahead of time is one of the best things you can do to protect your home. The team here at Brevard Shutters & Accessories provides only the best products and services for our Melbourne, Florida clients. If you’re looking to protect your property from high winds and flying debris reach out to us for a no-obligation discussion about your property’s needs.

Here is everything you need to know about the amazing hurricane-proof fabric called Armor Screen.

What Exactly Is Armor Screen?

Armor screen is a multi-layer mesh fabric that provides nearly unstoppable protection from wind, rain, and debris that come from hurricanes. You can think of it much like a bullet-proof vest that police officers would use.

Instead of the metal protection that comes with normal hurricane shutters, Armor Screen is a patented mesh fabric that is layered on top of each other. This creates a quilted blanket effect that is so strong that it essentially catches flying debris traveling over 100 mph!

Armor Screen is a new type of home and business form of hurricane protection but already it is starting to get installed across Melbourne, Florida. Our team of professional installation techs is trained to be able to adapt this mesh fabric to best protect your home or business.

Does Hurricane Fabric Work?

Yes, it works amazingly well. When Armor Screen came onto the market around 20 years ago people were skeptical of its practicality. Most of Melbourne, Florida was used to installing physical shutters to protect their property. Would a fabric blanket hold up?

Well, Armor Screen has been tested here in Florida to withstand category 5 strength winds and debris. In these tests, Armor Screen faired so well that it was awarded the HVHZ Florida Building Code Approval for hurricane protection.

Not only that but we have seen just how strong this product is when we have installed it across Brevard County. It really is amazing to see fabric be able to withstand just about anything you can throw at it.

Simply put, yes Armor Screen works incredibly well.

Should I get Armor Screen Or Traditional Shutters?

This comes down to your preference and property dimensions. There are several large perks of having Armor Screen installed on your property.

First, Armor Screen is extremely easy to deploy and install. Since it is essentially a fabric armor screen can be lowered at a moment’s notice to protect your property. For some people here in Melbourne, Florida this type of screen system is absolutely perfect for their individual needs because of how easy it is to deploy.

The trick to having an easy-to-deploy Armor Screen system is to have a team of trained professionals installs it for you to deploy personally. The team here at Brevard Shutters and Accessories is specialty trained to create the easiest shutters system for you to operate. No longer will you have to struggle and install your own shutters, let us handle that for you. Reach out to us for a no-obligation discussion about protecting your property.

The second perk of having an Armor Screen system installed here in Melbourne, Florida is that each Armor Screen system can be built to your exact dimensions. While we can create custom shutters sometimes you want to protect every inch of your house. We have installed some Armor Screen systems that can be deployed at a moment’s notice and cover literally the entire house.

How Easy Is It To Use Armor Screen’s Systems?

To deploy the system? Extremely easy and only takes a couple of minutes to fully protect your property. This is one of the best things about Armor Screen, it is nearly effortless to deploy.

Installing it on the other hand requires trained professionals. The mounting system that the bottom part of the screen attaches to is the most important part of the process and must be specialty calibrated. If you installed the product yourself and messed this part up you would not know until the middle of a hurricane when you lose your protection.

As such only qualified dealers of Armor Screen are allowed to install the product. This prevents trouble in the long run and will allow you to rest easy knowing everything is taken care of.

When you deploy the screen itself you simply need to either press a button or drag the screen the latch. That’s it. After you simply double-check that everything is firm and you are good too and wait out the worst of the Florida weather.


Armor Screen is one of the best products that people here in Melbourne, Florida can install on their property. Not only is it lightweight but it is also affordable and provides extremely good protection against just about anything.

If you are on the fence about what your individual property protection needs I highly recommend you reach out to us to schedule a no-obligation consultation regarding your property.

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