Why Accordion Shutters & Why Now?

There are a wide variety of hurricane shutters available in today’s market.  None are a poor choice as they all offer protection during hurricanes.  Today we are going to focus on accordion shutters.


Accordion shutters are one of the most affordable hurricane shutter systems available.  This also makes them one of the most popular.  Aside from being one of the most affordable, they are also very easy to operate which adds to their popularity.


It only takes approximately thirty minutes to deploy all your accordion shutters, depending upon the size of your house, of course.  This means that even in the case of a hurried evacuation, you will still have time to get your home secured by deploying your shutter system.  That helps bring some peace of mind to you and your family during an otherwise stressful time.


Accordion shutters “stack” to each side of the window when not in use, so you have full use of your windows and full visibility.  They stay in that stacked or folded looking position when not in use.  You don’t have to find storage for them elsewhere like you do when using plywood.  You also don’t have big holes all over your house from concrete screws which happens when using plywood.  They stay up year-round without being in the way and are ready for deployment at a moment’s notice.


We use Town and Country 6.8 accordion shutters which use cutting edge technology and are made of the highest quality materials.  These shutters use a unique hinge which allows for lubrication.  This is important because by being able to lubricate your hinges, you won’t have to worry about them getting stuck when you need them most.  Their unique hinge design also helps prevent corrosion which is often the death of accordion shutters.  The Town and Country 6.8 shutters are designed to outlast all others.


Right now, at Brevard Shutter, our accordion shutters are on sale!  Now is the perfect time to have your hurricane shutters installed.  We are not as busy now that hurricane season has passed, so your wait time for installation will be minimized.  Additionally, you will be all set by the time the next hurricane season comes. You won’t be trying to have them installed in the midst of our busiest time, and you will be so glad you made the choice to do it now while they are on sale!


If you still aren’t convinced or simply want to see them before having them installed on your home, then please stop by our showroom located in Melbourne, FL.  We serve all our surrounding areas such as Cocoa, Merritt Island, Palm Bay, down to Sebastian and Vero Beach, so please stop by or give us a call today.  Our on-sale accordion shutters are just waiting to be installed on your windows!

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