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What We Can Control Right Now

In this very unique time in history where we are facing a pandemic like nothing we have seen since the Spanish Flu in 1918, you may be wondering what you CAN control right now.  We are facing many mandates from our local and federal governments to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and save as many lives as possible.  While these restrictions are necessary and understandable, it may make you feel like your life is out of your control.  In truth, we are not strictly homebound and can get out to get fresh air.  Our most exciting outing may be going to the grocery store right now, but thankfully, we can do so.


One of the things you can do right now to pass the time is necessary repairs and desired upgrades to your home.  If you are stuck at home, either working or waiting for work to resume, then now may be a good time to work on your yard or projects within your home.  We realize that for some of you, your paycheck has temporarily stopped.  You may be thinking that you can’t do repairs or projects because you don’t want to spend money on such things right now.  That is completely understandable.


We think, though, that there probably ARE repairs and projects that you can do that don’t cost any money at all.  Do you have any paint left over for the interior or exterior of your home?  If so, you can do touch-ups.  Chips in the paint can make your home look worn, but a fresh coat of paint or even just touching up the chips can make your home look fresher.


Yard work is free of cost when it comes to pulling weeds and trimming bushes and trees.  While you may not be able to go out and purchase anything to spruce up your yard, you can pull weeds, mow your lawn, and trim bushes and trees.  Another thing that really makes a yard look well kept is edging the lawn.


Another excellent idea during this time is to make sure your hurricane shutters are ready for deployment as hurricane season is fast approaching.  We understand that thinking about a hurricane during a pandemic can be overwhelming, but that’s why having your hurricane shutters ready is a good idea.  It is one less thing to worry about amid these crazy times.


How you care for your hurricane shutters will depend upon the type of hurricane shutters you have.  If your hurricane shutters run on a track like accordion shutters, then make sure your tracks are well lubricated using a silicone-based lubricant.  Do not use oil-based lubricants like WD-40.  Perhaps you have hurricane panels stored.  If so, make sure they are easily accessible.  If you aren’t sure how to service your hurricane shutters, then please feel free to call us with any questions.


If you need your hurricane shutters serviced or do not yet have hurricane shutters and are interested in having them installed, then please give us a call at Brevard Shutter.  We are located in Melbourne and serve our surrounding areas such as Palm Bay, Merritt Island, Cocoa, and the beachside towns.  Don’t wait until you have broken windows from the next hurricane.  Call us today!

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